Agrinfo in a nutshell Agrinfo is an online database that documents the farmlands ownership in Tanzania. Its main advantage is the ability to utilize the geo information system to record farmland ownership. The database records location of the agricultural investment and its related information including ownership, area size, type of investment and expected outputs. Agrinfo work in partnership with farmers associations, financial Institutions and input and output suppliers.
Our Vision To be the agriculture search engine in Tanzania and act as bridge between farmers and micro financial institutions
Our Mission To organize the agribusiness sectors in formation and make it accessible and easy searchable.

Team Behind Agrinfo
Ms Rose is an engineer by profession, the founder of Agrinfo enterprise that focuses on agrotech, providing Information and Communication technologies (ICT) solutions for smallholders. Rose has worked in academics as dean of college of science at University of Bagamoyo for 3 years, prior to that she spent five years in China working for Huawei Technologies as Wireless solution Engineer. Rose is a Mandela Washington Fellow 2014-- an initiative by President Obama.
Rose Funja
Founder and MD
Juma is one of the reasons agrinfo is where it is , his knowledge of all range of agricultural scales is so immense that he was chosen to represent Tanzania in a global agricultural summit held in Copenhagen
Juma ngumuo
Marketing Director
Over five years of experience as a Surveyor, well trained GIS expert and drone pilot. Incharge of field work and data collection and processing.
Ghatty Marwa
Director of Operations