I.DATA COLLECTION AND DATA HOSTING Agrinfo offers data collection services to farmers who would like to register with service. We collect data on farms from all regions in the country and upload this information onto our website where any visitor to the site can view information on the farm they are interested in and gather any necessary information they need in order to engage further with the farm owner. II.FARM MANAGEMENT At Agrinfo we will offer management services for the farms that are registered onto our platform. We will have surveillances on the farms by drones, provide GPS coordinates for farms, and share monthly reports on surveillances of the farms with our registered clients. Therefore in case of any unforeseen circumstances farmers will be able to act on them swiftly. III.LINKAGE BETWEEN INPUT AND OUTPUT SUPPLIERS Agrinfo platform is open to anyone and everyone. We will provide a link between input and output suppliers by bringing them together on our website. This site will bring a lot of the needed exposure for many of the farm owners especially in the rural areas who have no means of communicating with financial institutions or reaching out to potential investors. This is where Agrinfo will play its role of being the middleman and bringing the two sides together.